February 13, 2017

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B 17 vitamins

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Hunza Oil from Apricot Seed

– When it comes to your health, you must have asked yourself at least once in your lifetime “Where do I make a mistake?” Most people that ask themselves this question are those whose health has been affected at one point in their lifetime and finally they become aware as to how poor their diet was and what they have imported in their subtle organisms, which by their nature are designed to struggle with all the inventions of the 21st century that promotes food industry additives, flavorings, fruit packed with pesticides, insecticides and various toxins that become a part our daily diet routine. At the same time and it the same 21st century, people from small Himalayan Kingdom HUNZA still have the primacy of the oldest and healthiest people on the planet. Then, the inevitable questions – why are these people healthy and vital even after the 100th ? – And why are they not familiar with terms such as CANCER, TUMOR, even CARIES? Hunza people have sent us the reply in this bottle – OIL APRICOT  HUNZA SEED! This oil is made from Himalayan apricots which have never seen chemicals. It comes apricot seeds which have been manually cracked and wrung from the hands of women HUNZA. This oil has never come in contact with any metals which normally reduce healing properties. All these features make the HUNZA APRICOT SEEDS OIL ORIGINAL, hand- produced and unique in such term that it has the unmatched quality with everything the market offers. Produced quantities of this oil are limited- (LIMITED EDITION) The Huns, among other things, is the only classless society in the world where the status of families is measured by how many apricot trees they grow in their front yard. Until a decade ago apricots were the primary currency in the Himalayan Kingdom. The Apricot oil is used in their diet and women use it for facial cosmetics. Hence an 80-year-old HUNZA looks like the average 50-year old woman from Western World. They also rub it into their hair for thicker and shiny look. Due to the presence of all the B vitamins, especially B17 which has the calming effect on the body, the Hunza women also give oil to the babies so they can sleep calmly…

What are the effects of using HUNZA oil from apricot seeds?

This oil contains a large proportion of naturally produced B-17 in its 17 structure. B-17 is also referred to as AMYGDALIN  or LAETRIL or what is now known as the most powerful ally to fight CARCINOMAS! Our body constantly produces cancerous cells which under normal conditions are immediately destroyed by our immune system. This is when B-17 is required. It immediately stands on the side of the human immunity system and directly attacks the cancer cells! One molecule of B-17 is composed of 2 units of sugar, 1 unit of benzaldehyde and cyanide naturally created, placed and locked between 3 atoms. If there isn’t any cancerous cell in the body, this closed-type of cyanide can not unlock at all and is completely harmless the human body. It can only be unlocked by an enzyme that secretes a cancer cell, and only in contact with the enzyme a reaction takes place which releases the most famous fighter against cancer cells! It is known that the malignant cells feed on sugar so they are basically immediately glued to the 2 units of sugar contained in the B-17, not knowing that in this case, the sugar becomes their powerful killer who fully destroys them. Therefore, the oil from the apricot seeds is the most powerful ally in fight against cancer! This oil is easily available and created by nature.

-Other than prevention of tumors, this oil is also used against asthma symptoms. Its ant inflammation benefits can treat serious skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and acne. This oil is used for feeding dry and older skin and it prevents and strengthens hair follicles and loss of hair. Besides the largest percentage of B-17 and other B vitamins. HUNZA oil from the apricot seed is also rich in other natural- vitamins (especially A and E), linoleic and other essential fatty acids, minerals and many naturally created elements and nutrients allergic reactions even the most sensitive skin-(it is often the base oil for many baby products).



The oil contains Vitamin B17, B vitamins, vitamins A and E, linoleic and other essential fatty acids.

-How to use

For adults: Recommended: in the morning and evening before going to sleep take 7-10 drops in a wooden or plastic spoon.

For children: It is recommended: at night 5-6 drops in a wooden or plastic spoon in milk for restful sleep.

Oil of bitter seeds: Used only by adults, with strict adherence to dosing instructions, or 7-10 drops in the morning upon waking. In case of diagnosed malignant disease, it is recommended enhanced dose of 10 drops in the morning and the same afternoon. It can be taken at the same time with chemotherapy or radiation. The evening dose in both cases is the oil of sweet seeds.

-Oil seeds sweet: Pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children up to 12 years use only oil from sweet apricot. In this oil there is no restriction on dosage, you can take when you want and how much you want and it is ideal for cosmetic purposes, hydration and baby and adult skin.

There are no known side effects and allergic reactions.

Terms for storage: Store in a dry place below 25 degrees.

Packaging: 50 ml conditions